AdventureBot the Explorer – EZ-Robot


Your kids will embark on an enriching learning journey to assemble and program the robots which are equipped with powerful sensors. Your kids will be the masters of the robots, teaching the robots to perform exciting tasks.

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AdventureBot the Explorer

Introducing AdventureBot – a two-wheeled robot that can be programmed to navigate and explore its surroundings. Students will learn to assemble the physical robot . They will learn about the ‘brain’ of the robot comprising of EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller and EZ-B v4 Camera. They will learn to program the robot’s camera to track objects, faces, colors. Students will learn RoboScratch, that is linear programming, doing away the complexities of loops and conditionals for beginners.

Learning Outcome CSTA ISTE UKNCC
Key Stages
1. Learn about Robotics and essential characteristics of robots.
2. Learn the parts of AdventureBot and its functions, including the Robot Brain (EZ-B v4).
3. Learn wiring connections of AdventureBot including its battery.
4. Learn how to use the EZ-Builder software: RoboScratch.
5. Learn how to assemble the physical robot and use RoboScratch to program it.
6. Learn how to control AdventureBot using RoboScratch.
5d 2-E
7. Learn and apply programming concepts to create programs involving

  • Connection: EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi feature
  • Camera:
    • Identify Tracking Type: face, colour, speech, glyph.
    • Choose a Reaction Type: servo, movement, use speed settings.
  • Microphone: Speech recognition
16 Hours
8 years old and above
EZ RoboScratch
Fine to work with computer

Course curriculum is aligned with international standards: ISTE, CSTA & UK NCC

For Your Information

Our course center is located at #03-03, 51 Cuppage Road (Behind Centrepoint)

  • Laptops and course materials provided
  • Snacks and lunch provided for full day courses
  • Water dispenser available
  • Computer labs are located in the central area
  • Bring along your creative mindset and energy!
  • And also your own jacket in case it gets chilly!

Please note:

  • Our courses will only proceed with a minimum of 4 seats sold. We will inform you in advance by writing if the minimum is unfilled and the course is cancelled. Refunds will be made accordingly to you. Unless otherwise notified, the course will go ahead as scheduled.
  • Any other refunds will only be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • There may be filming & photography done during our workshop/classes. By registering your child’s attendance at this event, parents/guardians grant a perpetual licence to use the student’s work, photographs/videos of the student, and other materials for purposes such as publicizing or promoting the workshops/events and/or the students’ accomplishments on our website or on our partners’ websites.

Why Us?

Best Trainer-Student Ratio in SINGAPORE

1 Trainer to a max of 8 students for every class to ensure maximum attention is given to each student. As experienced educators, we know that lesson time shouldn’t be spent on waiting too long for a teacher to give one-on-one attention in a huge class.

Your Child’s Security is our UTMOST PRIORITY

CCTVs installed  in all classrooms and along the corridors to ensure your child’s safety.

Proper precautions will be taken for your child and we ensure that pick-up and drop-off is only performed by a registered guardian

Toilets just outside our premises which ensures your child will never be out of sight for more than 2 minutes.

All Equipment Provided

Don’t burden your kids with additional loads. There’s no need for any notebooks or tablets. All your child needs to bring is his/her inquisitive mind and a yearn to learn.

Central Location – Orchard Road

Well-connected by public transport, getting to us is never going to be an issue.  From Ion Orchard to Plaza Singapura…Parents can relax and shop…  while your kids are well taken care of @ KIDSCODE.

Value for Money Learning and Training

Contrary to what people think, enrichment for kids doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Our courses are priced not more than the hourly market rate. (PS: check out the price at other providers and divide out over the duration in hours)

NO HIDDEN charges, only PLEASANT surprises.